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Movie Overview

Release: 18 Aug, 2017

Duration: 2 hrs 02 mins

Language: Punjabi

Genre: Drama
Casts: Parmish Verma, Ashwani Sharma, Mahabir Bhullar, Dheeraj Kumar
Director: Vikram Thori

Rocky Mental (2017) Watch Online and Full Movie Download in HD

Rocky Mental Story

Rocky Mental Movie online is an upcoming Punjabi movie. Therefore, it will plan to release on 18 August, 2017. However, Vikram Thori is the director of the movie.  Furthermore, it will include Parmish Verma, Ashwani Sharma and Mahabir Bhullar as lead characters.

While, Other well known on-screen characters who have been reserved in for Rocky Mental HD Full Movie Download are Dheeraj Kumar.


Rocky Mental Online Movie is a nonlinear activity thriller about the ascent of a boxing Phenom who tries for global eminence yet while he is at the edge of wearing fame, he experiences notoriety. It is the account of a star competitor whose confidence in his own particular invulnerability makes him ignore the prowling dangers postured by his own particular grating identity.

A progression of focused assaults on Rocky leaves the once unyielding contender in a profound depressive, and semi silly state. The culprits in charge of his misfortunes, once uncovered, touch off an inconceivable fury in him. The Rocky focuses on retaliation in trademark pizzazz, from the start securing those he has still left, and those he once watched over.

Rocky Mental Movie Review

Rocky Mental free movie download Punjabi Movie will be make a big appearance film of Parmish Verma. It will be first Punjabi Movie which depends on Sports.

In this Film, the group of onlookers will see Parmish Verma ahead of the pack part. The adolescent preferences recordings coordinated by Parmish Verma. There is a furor to consider him to be an on-screen character.

Rocky Mental movie download is the account of a boxer Rajdeep Singh. The Film Rocky Mental HD Movie Online will demonstrate how a Boxer confronts challenges in his own life. It’s an account of a Struggling Boxer and how he conquers the issues.

In a Press Conference Parmish Verma said that Rocky Mental HD Movie Download is a total bundle which has Romance, Action, Comedy and Suspense. Further, he said he total bundle which has Romance, Action, Comedy and Suspense. Further, he said he is energized in regards to the film and feels fortunate to be a piece of such an incredible venture.

Parmish Verma has truly buckled down for the motion picture Rocky Mental Full Movie Download Free. He took in Boxing strategies from the prestigious boxers of Haryana. Parmish Verma needs to lose 8 kg weight to Transforming himself to fit in the character of Rocky Mental full movie online. He utilized settled calorie eating routine to get more fit. Verma was eating 40 eggs in a day to keep up wellness levels for the film.

Rocky Mental Review

Ahh Chak Main Aa Gaya, The Title Track of Rocky Mental full movie free download Punjabi Movie is sung by Parmish Verma. Parmish Verma is likewise the lyricist of Ahh Chak Main Aa Gaya tune. Acclaimed Music Director Desi Crew has made this melody.

Tuna Kaur Gill is the Lead performing artist of the Rocky Mental full movie. She will make a big appearance in pollywood with Parmish Verma’s Rocky Mental.

Rocky Mental watch online free is coordinated by Vikram Thori and Vijay Saini is the maker. Rocky Mental full movie watch online is the main component film of Vikram Thori as a Director. Music is formed by Goldy and Satpal known as Desi Crew.

Rocky Mental full movie online free will discharge on 18 August 2017 under the standard of Dhamrait Film Pvt. Ltd..Film Pvt. Ltd..Film Pvt. Ltd.

Parmish Verma, who will make a big appearance in the Punjabi motion picture Rocky Mental, has set up himself as an effective chief in the Punjabi business and is known for making the absolute most famous chartbusters which incorporate as of late propelled Sharry Mann’s Hostel and 3 Peg, and Mankirt Aulakh’s Choorhey Wali Bahh and Jatt Da Blood et al.

Before being appearing Punjabi film industry with Rocky Mental, Parmish has shown up in the recordings that he has coordinated and has been very refreshing for the characters and successions that he has done in the movies (Music recordings), yet his fans had dependably longed to see the gifted on-screen character/chief on the extra large screen. Satisfying his own particular dream and the longing of various of his fans the enthusiastic on-screen character/chief Parmish Verma is good to go to make it to the 70mm screen this August.

Although, Parmish Verma makes a big appearance in and as ‘Rocky Mental’

Movie Review 3

Parmish is referred to for conceptualizing stunning recordings and because of his fans, particularly the adolescent, had for the longest time been itching to see him on the extra large screen.

The news of Parmish Verma’s introduction in Rocky Mental has made a furor among his devotees and fans who had for the longest time been itching to consider him to be a performing artist. An alternate star cast and Parmish Verma making his introduction in the number one spot part is unquestionably going to be a soother for the Punjabi gathering of people.

Punjabi films are truly unsurprising these days. There’s very little to investigate in the business as the majority of the chiefs, makers are not prepared to try new scripts and types. Some way or another, performing artists too are hesitant to article distinctive parts with the dread of falling gravely on the movies.

Softening the ice up the glitz world, Parmish, known for his out of the crate executions, has chosen to go out on a limb and presentation in an alternate sort. At the point when the greater part of the films are being made in comparable types — Rom-Com, Parmish, chose to kick begin his profession which depends on Sports.

According to reports this will be first of its kind film in the plywood which depends on Sports. However, it will offer an entire bundle of Romance, Action, Suspense and situational parody.

Movie Review 4

Motion picture ‘Rocky Mental’ grandstands the biography of a boxer and here Parmish Verma articles the part of ‘Rajdeep Singh’. A battling boxer and depicts the difficulties confronted by the boxer in his own life.Parmish Verma articles the part of ‘Rajdeep Singh’. A battling boxer and depicts the difficulties confronted by the boxer in his own life.

Moreover, ‘Rocky Mental’, to put it plainly, puts to light the narratives a battling Boxer and how he conquers the difficulties and issues throughout his life.

However, the film will hit silver screens on 18  August.

Parmish Verma has finally put his complete self in his introduction motion picture ‘Rocky Mental’. To execute the part and moreover. To make it look sensible the on-screen character learnt boxing procedures from the set up boxers.

However, To fit in the character and appearance of a Boxer the performing artist needed to lose 8 kg weight. Other than acting, Parmish has penned down the title track.  Ahh Chak Main Aa and has likewise loaned his voice to the melody.  Desi Crew form the tune.


The film will finally release on 18 August 2017.

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