Bank Chor Full Movie Download in HD Quality

Bank Chor Full Movie Download in HD Quality

Bank Chor Full Movie Download in HD Quality. It is a 2017 Indian Hindi comic drama thriller film. Bumpy is the director of the movie. While Asish patil is the producer of the movie.

Bank Chor Full Movie Download in HD Quality

Moreover, the motion picture is circulates under Yash Raj Film standard.

The film stars Riteish Deshmukh and Rhea Chakraborty. Vivek Oberoi has been affirmed to join the thrown of Bank Chor.  He has come back to Yash Raj Films following 12 years, his last film under their flag was Saathiya. The film was finally release on 16 June 2017

Bank Chor Full Movie Download in HD Quality.


Riteish Deshmukh as Champak
Vivek Oberoi as CBI Officer Amjad Khan
Vikram Thapa as Genda
Rhea Chakraborty as Gayatri Ganguly, a journalist
Sahil Vaid
Bhuvan Arora as Gulab
Baba Sehgal as Himself

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The full soundtrack of this movie was release on 24th May 2017.


The film was finally release on 16 June 2017.

Movie Review

Considering the notoriety Riteish Deshmukh and Vivek Oberoi have worked for themselves in the parody sort. It may be normal to accept that any coordinated effort between them. Jokes, vulgar wisecracks about butts etc and other old hat gadgets utilized by makers of poor quality droll diversion.

Bank Chor Full Movie Download in HD Quality.

Bank Chor is a decent case of why you ought not pre-judge a film in view of notorieties. A long way from being a rough drama.

An apparently harmless comic thriller that says a ton while seeming to do little past attempting to entertain.There is a whole other world to this sentence than meets the eye for the present.

Bank Chor starts with three boneheads who ain’t no Ocean’s eleven, messing up their endeavor to ransack a branch of the invented Bank of Indians (BOI) in Mumbai.

Bank Chor Full Movie Download in HD Quality.

The name at first seems like an amusing interpretation of existing Indian bank names, yet like most things in this film. This genuinely is a BANK OF INDIANS, lodging and shielding our aggregate national knowledge, self-protection aptitudes and survival impulses.


So Champak (Deshmukh) and his assistants Gulab and Genda (played by Bhuvan Arora and Vikram Thapa) appear as though they won’t get anything great attempt to plunder this BOI.

What’s the CBI doing at a basic bank heist? Ok, that would be telling.

Bank Chor Full Movie Download in HD Quality.

Likewise in this blend are a now dead investigative writer (Vikram Gokhale), Maharashtra’s degenerate Home Minister (Upendra Limaye) and a good natured correspondent (Rhea Chakraborty) among the media swarm processing outside the bank.

The spikes backpedaling and forward between them are deserving of giggles in light of the fact that Bumpy and his group of co-journalists here play on generalizations without sustaining them and delicately ridicule the individuals who do.

At the point when a Mumbaikar in the film solicits a Dilliwaala to get out from the city, the man of his word shoots back: If Delhiites come back to Delhi, who will take every necessary step here in Mumbai? Touche.

Bank Chor Full Movie Download in HD Quality.


The speed at which the story advances leaves little time to harp on provisos and question marks over the business as usual utilized by the lowlifess.

In the event that this was all there was to it, Bank Chor would have wound up being a tolerably intriguing, safe performer. There is all the more however. By distinctly and more than once underlining the religious personality of specific players in the adventure.

Bank Chor Full Movie Download in HD Quality.

Bumpy and his group add a naughty layer to their whole storyline. Although making their film not just about great individuals in struggle with underhandedness

An Aam Aadmi, overcoming the ‘terrible Muslim’ (finish with Urdu-loaded discoursed, a foundation from Faizabad and a perverted get a kick out of attacking living tissue).

Bank Chor Full Movie Download in HD Quality.

That the ‘terrible Muslim’ is utilized by the forces that be to misuse their own kin improves. Gracious wily Muslim and Enemies Within, don’t underestimate the ‘great Hindu’ or be deluded by his surface naivete, says Bank Chor’s easy imagery.


For the record, to counter such protests from skeptics, the film tosses a ‘decent Muslim’ into the mix and gets the Aam Aadmi a.k.a. the Common Man to let on at last that his name was not what he guaranteed it was at first and that a name, actually, is immaterial.

Bank Chor Full Movie Download in HD Quality.

It is not, dear Team Bank Chor. Names prompt presumptions about individuals, especially in the commonly charged environment infesting our country at the present time. So in the event that you guarantee blamelessness in this matter, on the off chance that you demand.

You truly did not plan to pass on any point subliminally.

At that point let me toss back at you a line that a vital enemy in the film . Coordinates at a Mr Nice Guy: honesty (maasoomiyat) is the most serious issue in this world.

The negligent liberal, if that is the thing that you are, regularly accomplishes more mischief than the submitted communalist.

Bank Chor Full Movie Download in HD Quality.

Vivek Anand Oberoi nee Viveik Oberoi nee Vivek Oberoi is viable. To re-catch the power he conveyed to his essential presentation execution ages back in Company, he will require a screenplay to coordinate. Still, it is an alleviation to see him in a part that does not require the flinch actuating clowning around of the Masti arrangement.

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